Streamers get Tbaged by the Most FEARED Apex Legends Player Stealthlord66!

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44 thoughts on “Streamers get Tbaged by the Most FEARED Apex Legends Player Stealthlord66!”

  1. "He a controller player"
    bitch you have a WHOLE ARM as a movement to aim and move while we use our thumbs and hands like im surpised they get kill by controller players

  2. Why do pc player complain about controller?
    They are practically they’re own aim-assist
    Because they have they’re whole are to control recoil but us controller players have our thumbs and about a cubic centimeter of thumbs as space
    So I don’t understand

  3. What controller have to do with aim assist is not an auto aim bot..and they have to deal with make it worst it's hard to looting stuff..well im a switch player and end up playing on pc using controller like 15 minute and im dead already with only 2 kill..i don't see any valid reasons why you should blaming it on a controller player..


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