The #1 Bangalore in Apex Legends On PC Is An Absolute Savage (130,000+ Kills)

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Have you ever seen a bangalore in apex legends with over 130,000+ kills on them? I hadn’t either until I met #1 Bangalore on all platforms. In this video ShivFPS gives you some insider secret tips on how bangalore is meant to be played from a professional players perspective. He has also been an apex predator multiple seasons so he shares some insider info on how to play bangalore in ranked too!

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28 thoughts on “The #1 Bangalore in Apex Legends On PC Is An Absolute Savage (130,000+ Kills)”

  1. The sad thing is that there is a Bangalore on Xbox who has more kills (something like 156K) and sadly I do not know the name of this person but I have seen them in-game and they are on Xbox, and in the title, it says #1 on PC which is accurate so just wanted to point out that I think he is number 2 in the world.
    EDIT: I just watched 20 seconds in and realized what you had said about him is second in the world, My bad, great videos though, and keep going at it.

  2. Shiv uses mods dude all those people saying he has a lot on his plate lmaoo like what these dude is 16 years old and mods apex he doesn’t want to get exposed that’s why most people who mod stay lowkey


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