The BABY IN THE WINDOW In Minecraft!

Aphmau saves her friends from the BABY in the Window!
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====. * ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜† [Friends!] β˜†ο½‘οΎŸο½₯* .====
β˜… Zane:
β˜… Ein:
β˜… Kim:
β˜… Pierce:

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34 thoughts on “The BABY IN THE WINDOW In Minecraft!”

  1. Ok when Pierce said β€œ right behind you” he sounded epic also I feel he would be a better villain than ein cause he is smarter and know what is valuable and not. His only problem is that ein holds him back, he is a follower, Pierce, lemme tell you this: being independent isn’t bad ditch ein he is to dumb and should be you minion not the other way around

  2. hi aphmau if you reading this I really look up to you and I was wondering if you can make a LGBTQ video im a part of the community and I thought I would ask cuz it's pride month even if you don't you make it its ok you make amazing videos and you have really inspired me to make my own original characters keep doing what you're doing.


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