The Medium Is Yet Another Middling Xbox Exclusive | Review

Xbox’s first major Xbox Series X/S exclusive has arrived in the form of The Medium. The Medium is a third person horror game featuring “dual reality gameplay” …


33 thoughts on “The Medium Is Yet Another Middling Xbox Exclusive | Review”

  1. You and ACG always have the same opinion and this time it seems a little biased against Xbox. I know it’s the popular thing to do to get clicks but you guys are suppose to have some semblance of integrity at least that’s what you say in your reviews. Good to know it just biased bullcrap.

  2. People judge this game like it's a huge AAA exclusive if not they're barely even double A.. this is like a single A game.. I don't even think they are double A they are like 90 people I've heard people that actually quite like this game..I think it's being compared and reviewed incorrectly… everyone thinks it's supposed to be something to knock them off their socks and blow them out of their seat and be filled with tons of combat or something this is an indie title bro.. it's a story-driven game much like tell me why.. I don't know what people expected The Gaming Community is so half-assed backwards.. there's definitely a double standard in gaming and the way Microsoft games get looked at for sure.. even if it's not that great of a game it's pretty damn good for this studio to be honest.. most reviews I saw we're relatively positive except for Matty and karig.. judging it like it's supposed to be this big first-party Xbox AAA exclusive when that's the furthest thing from what it is.. building games takes time Microsoft has the best first party on the planet and that is going to show as the next 10 years go on.. people are just so impatient…so sick of the double standard.. when an indie title is in great on Sony nobody says anything but when it's a Microsoft game everybody makes a big deal make sure right now games are the only place there behind only slightly.. cuz I discovered so many amazing games in Game Pass…but everywhere else they are ahead,, Miles Ahead..ecosystem options, compatibility,cost gamer friendliness every aspect xcloud and game streaming included…. I just think people are judging the smaller games incorrectly they're judging them trying to tank them up there with the best games on the planet… when they're just supposed to be an experience a great story told and a different style of idea and game….this isn't supposed to solve any kind of problems even though Microsoft doesn't have any problems they are industry-leading in every category first-party soon to come!!


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