The Most Powerful Meme Gun In Tarkov? – Meme Or Meta?!

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Sometimes in Escape From Tarkov, you find a gun that perfectly rides the line between ridiculous and usable and the ASH-12 is perhaps the greatest example of that. In this video, we talk about everything wrong with the ASH-12 and we talk about how somehow through all of that it is still incredibly fun to use and totally usable in Tarkov. Check it out!


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44 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Meme Gun In Tarkov? – Meme Or Meta?!”

  1. I love your videos. I wonder, however, if you could tone down the high frequencies in your voice so we don’t hear the sticky noises from your tongue/saliva sticking and unsticking. It’s noticeable sometimes. Still love the content.

  2. Meme, but I love running this gun. I prefer going into my raids with a trollcannon, rather than using a meta-gun.
    I mean… those shells hitting the floor… that sound alone is worth playing the ASh-12.
    It feels so satisfying dropping chads with a gun like the ASh-12.
    Killing ppl with an M995 M4/HK416 or 7N31 Vector is easy.
    Real men run ASh-12s… 😉

  3. The Ash12 is such an amazing gun. (Imo)
    It fits my play style fantastically, I go for the single shot to kill. There's literally been raids where I'll follow someone from spawn across the map (cause I'll never find what I find is a perfect chance to shoot) so being able to 1 tap basically any head is amazing. 2-4 to the chest on most anything, usually 1 taps scavs.
    Then when I need it which is usually only when I'm pushed or pushing I can go full auto and dump a whole lot of fuck you from the hip accurately (accurate for me cause I dump mags in quick bursts RARELY straight up dump a mag unless I'm tryna meme with a end cap mp5 or rpk)
    This is the ks with barricade slugs 😂 headshot gods

  4. The Ash-12 is only suitable for some maps. I find that Factory and, provided you are fighting inside, Interchange are the most viable. The other maps I have never found much success using it. The gun hits like a truck tho.

    I call it the communication enforcer because if my mates don't tell me where they are and what they are doing during the raid they are getting a bullet which will kill them in one shot 😅

  5. i had to use this on a 4 man on reserve the other day i used it in single fire and its a beast close range i 2 tapped all of them and it didnt feel like it had too much recoil in single fire

  6. I feel like this gun is a fun experience more than an optimal tool to get the job done. Like you said it's not a meme in the sense that you're flushing money money the toilet. It is enjoyable though. I do like how it feels to use with it being clunky, slow, loud and the shells being audible is a very nice touch as well. It's a fun experience using it as you can still put some expectations on yourself when using it.

  7. You either absolutely love the ASh or absolutely hate the ASh (of which i am the former what can i say the 102 damage for the AP round doesn't lie in cqb which is what the gun was meant for, not sniping like a lot of people try to do with it and fail)

  8. Yo, I remember reading a comment on another weapon video where someone said it would be cool if you added gameplay, and I see you added gameplay in this weapon video! It wasn't even my comment, but it's super cool to see you taking and implementing feedback from the comments, and I thought adding gameplay clips was a nice touch. Cheers!


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