THE MOST TOXIC THING YOU CAN DO // SEA OF THIEVES – This can get you banned from the internet.

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41 thoughts on “THE MOST TOXIC THING YOU CAN DO // SEA OF THIEVES – This can get you banned from the internet.”

  1. those times you just cause someone to breakdown mentally because you steal all there fix eat half and put it in a barrel mind you want toxic? grab all the treasure even sinking people for it become level 5 reaper with all of the loot then red sea it all

  2. Ok so funny story. Something like this did happen and it was the single most toxic encounter I've been a part of.
    So I was very new to the game and joined up via open crews, did some quests on a Brig. Eventually they got done and left me alone. I parked next to a seapost to fish. I have some grubs and some skeleton ships nearby so I caught some Battlegills, A fish I was very excited about as I was new.
    However suddenly the game announced that some people joined me, likely because it was open crew, but I didn't even get a look at them before they voted me in the brig, searched through my barrels and ate the fish in front of me. Taunting me with voice commands.
    Then they killed me with blunder and firebombs while I was in the brig, when I re-spawned I was out. I jumped off the boat and hurried to sell the fish before I got voted in again, I made it, sold the fish and asked if they were done. They said yes and voted me in the brig again and then left the game, making me exit the Brig.

    Literally the single worst thing I think anyone could have done to a new player, but I now worry the damage if I have anything of actual value on the ship, not just fish.

  3. No no no the most toxic thing is to sink other players! It must be true because every time I sink a galleon with Athena sails they say Iโ€™m toxic

  4. Idk we boarded another merchant boat running cargo, then proceeded to hop around their boat while holding their rum bottles. That's pretty toxic. All 4 of us just hopping around with bottles. The noise from all the bottles cracking was absolutely hilarious!


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