THE NES HAPPY HOUR! – Best Retro Gaming LIVE Stream – (Caesars Palace – S7: E13)

Caesars Palace (1991)
and the “Poker Face” and “Magnificent Seven” cocktails!

00:00:00 – Intro
00:06:07 – Cocktail Recipes
00:11:47 – Manual
00:22:09 – Gameplay
00:49:38 – Bar Trivia Challenge
01:08:31 – Credits

Retro Gaming Adventures with Master G is proud to be your favorite retro gaming channel. Are we one of the best retro gaming channels on YouTube? Probably! Show your support by subscribing to the channel and liking our great content. Besides the NES Happy Hour retro game show bringing you all of your favorite live bar trivia and Nintendo cocktail recipes, we’ve got the PC Pandemonium series and the Mystery Box Madness series where we do a Video Games Monthly unboxing every month from a retro gaming subscription service! See… more than just an NES podcast and retro Nintendo games!

This is a retro gaming live stream so I strongly recommend that you tune in for LIVE retro games and LIVE bar trivia instead of watching the videos after they air. Let’s play retro video games together! Make Master G a retro gaming star as we make it our mission to play through his NES collection games here on the best retro gaming podcast on YouTube!
Caesars Palace – NES Happy Hour – Season 7: Episode 13


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