The Night of the Hunter

When a father’s last words to his young son and daughter concern the secret location of a stolen fortune, psychotic preacher Harry Powell decides to do whatever it takes – even kill – to learn its hiding place. When he marries their fragile widowed mother, the children realize their only chance for survival lies on the run. This 1955 noir classic is now considered to be one of the scariest films of all-time. “Chilling.” (Roger Ebert) “Shocking.” (The Village Voice) “A terrifying masterpiece.” (TV Guide)


45 thoughts on “The Night of the Hunter”

  1. I have this film on DVD – so there is no need for me to watch it here on YouTube. For every one else, you will not be disappointed when
    watching this movie. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. One of my favorite movies in my collection and it is
    my hope that it will encourage new viewers to some of the lesser known films of the past.

  2. Night of the Hunter is now recognized as one of the greatest films ever made but at the time bombed both critically and commercially on its initial release and the disappointment was so great that Charles Laughton never directed again. Such a shame to imagine what else he could have done, but then it also makes this "more special." Easily one of the scariest movies ever made to boot

  3. I’m 40 minutes in and can’t tell whose worse, the preacher or Mrs. Spoons. What an opinionated Karen nosey bitch. And of course she thinks about “canning” in bed because her simp husband is so turned-off by her that her can’t give her what she needed 40 years earlier. Really, who’s worse, the man acting, or her for her self righteous opinions that cause such divisions? The ignorant old folks every neighborhood has and hates.

  4. Two of my favorite suspense/terror films, and they both starred Robert Mitchum. "The Night of the Hunter" & "Cape Fear". They were imo masterpieces of the genre. Please stay healthy and safe! Pax

  5. If didn't know before watching, I would have guessed this was directed by David Lynch. This falls somewhere between Eraserhead and The Elephant Man, with shades of Blue Velvet.  
    At least now I know where David Lynch came up with the intro to Dune. This movie is designed and performed like a surreal stage play. It's more poetry than conventional narrative. I can't quite decide whether it is masterful or amateurish, as it displays elements of both. I guess it really depends on the viewer's point of view and expectations. "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley".

  6. This movie left an impression on me the first time I saw it and it still does to this day. The story, the lighting and the acting, are brilliant. This is one film where black and white added to the atmosphere and I don't think it would play the same in color. What a masterpiece.


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