The ONLY Fade Guide You Will EVER NEED! – Valorant Agent Guide

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40 thoughts on “The ONLY Fade Guide You Will EVER NEED! – Valorant Agent Guide”

  1. I've been maining Fade the last couple days and absolutely love her, you can play her in almost any way and still do your job well. Some complain haunt is op, but I'm more inclined to say seize is a bit on the op side, combine it with a raze and you have the ability to dang near wipe a team with a single grenade. My buddy and I pulled this off multiple times, him getting 2+ kills from it as long as the ability is decently placed. Also works with some mollies but not well.

  2. I really like fade. I'm so happy there is a new agent that I enjoy playing. The last few hasn't really fit me, but Fade is so much fun. Imma have to fight people to get her, I know it.

  3. Yesterday I absolutely crushed a team with Fade, she is flexible, easy to use and the info she gives is so much help. She is like breach, Skye and sova in one, but better


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