The ONLY Neon Guide You'll EVER NEED! – Valorant Agent Guide

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Today we bring you the only neon guide you’ll ever need! This guide will cover how to play Neon at a base level, to specific tips that can level up your gameplay! If you want to improve in valorant fast, then you’ll definitely want to learn Neon immediately!

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00:00 Intro
00:41 Roadmap
01:15 C Ability
04:05 Q Ability
06:13 E Ability
08:08 Ultimate
09:15 QOTD
09:47 Playstyle
12:02 Team Comps
12:50 Outro

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26 thoughts on “The ONLY Neon Guide You'll EVER NEED! – Valorant Agent Guide”

  1. You don't need to wait until the last second to hit s, just hit a or d while jump strafing, then hit s as you slide, you'll go backwards, this way is way easier then the former, so you don't need to rack your brain over it

  2. QOTD: In my opinion Neon may be a great agent, but Jett is still stronger and better than Neon however if a team are planning to run 2 duelists then Neon might be the 2nd duelist to be chosen with Jett (depending on the map)

  3. I was just playing neon and got 38 kills with her on split just by using phantom and spectre in a gold lobby
    P.S:- i am still bronze hardstuck and my friend is in gold and he was on 9 kills with Jett
    So I think the person playing the character matters and not the character itself…

  4. Hello, i just wanna ask since i am new to the game (I am playing it for like 3 days) What agent should i choose to play with? Omen or neon? I really like both so not sure what to pick.


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