The Shadowlands Pep Talk That I Hope Ages Well

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Just a few more words before we dive into the Shadowlands in World of Warcraft’s next chapter!

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27 thoughts on “The Shadowlands Pep Talk That I Hope Ages Well”

  1. As far as my 16 & 17yr old daughters are concerned, there has always been a World of Warcraft that their dad plays.
    They're excited for me (and they're making their own dinner and feeding the dogs this evening) because they know this is (and has always been) a large part of my evening relaxation routine.
    Hope you all have a great launch day.

  2. Thanks Soul! Every video you make me smile! Very good of you to remind people of the hard work that is put in for our entertainment. Right now in this crazy world Entertainment = Sanity… Also the Shadowlands end dance was great! 😛

  3. Omg you're wonderful, and your hype at the end was perfect 🙂 So long as hubby isn't blasting something else on the TV, I'll be having you on my 2nd monitor to keep us company! Along with, ya know…. wowhead and other videos to help find dem new mounts ^_^

  4. Dude…I just love your content and thoughts…have fun tonight friend. Hitting the gym one last time before they close it for a while due to holidays and restrictions. Gonna try to get on at like 5AM to avoid the initial herd.

  5. Launch is a complete S H I T S H O W unless you play on a low pop server or are a streamer. Many of us have yet to log a single minute of play…… Was in 4 hours before launch – no AFK – got booted 30 minutes before launch and still have not been able to get back in. S H I T S H O W.

  6. I spent the last day watching a speed leveling video by Harldan. He completed level 60 in 7 hours 25 minutes. Still not sure if I am going to play it. Multiple mobs, I cannot handle on my ilvl 77 mage.

  7. Damn right it was a cluster fuck. I logged on to area 52 server before 5pm and got disconnected shortly after. I tried nonstop from then until midnight and couldn’t log on. Way to go blizzard.

  8. I've yet to step into SL. It's there, waiting, but for the first time EVER I am dreading a new expansion. For the last day I've kept busy getting my baby toons back to their designated pet battle spots, clearing some quests in my alts logs, posting auctions (now that I actually CAN – I have the mount but theres nothing like posting in the AH), basically doing anything BUT starting SL. Mostly its the leveling that I dread. Oh sure, I see the "leveling was fast for me" "leveling is super easy" and "I'm already 60 noob get on it" comments, but I have always hated leveling. Quests, I dont mind, but when there's a leveling thing attached to it, it makes them 1000% less fun. I may get to SL in a week, a month…or whenever. It's still there, and has been since I pre-ordered it…

  9. I missed the shadowlands release because i got the day wrong 😉 LOgged in 5 hours before i thought launch was to empty bags clear quests etc. to see the announcement it had gone live the night before , still nice to not have server outs and people fighting over mobs


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