Trying To Win But I Never Stop Stimming In Apex Legends

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Trying To Win But I Never Stop Stimming In Apex Legendsq

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34 thoughts on “Trying To Win But I Never Stop Stimming In Apex Legends”

  1. Soo the new nightmare within event is here now. They stacked this on top of everything else thats has been breaking this game down further and further. My games have gone from running smooth with some minor frame drops to complete stuttering and lagging for since the Halloween within event. I rember why I quit this game back in the day now and I am quittjng again for sure with everyone else that is boycotting right now. these devs are pathetic they are selfish and they a pitiful. There is no reason this game should be getting worse every single upadte or event. they keep patchung their already trash broken code instead of fixing the issue to begin with therfore an issue might be gone one sec next even 5 more are back. And nothing absolutely Fing lootly nothing they said they fixed in the evolution update has been fixed. I constantly get unreadied from pub and rank when in lobby and if they can't even fix that simple task they definitely are not fixing any game mechanic. Apex just killed their game in the time when It was supposed to blow up. Thats what happens when all you care about is money and not the game. I done with apex hope there already dumpster fire servers and team blow up.

  2. Maybe the next vid is a Wattson challenge. You can only use your passive, ultimate or shield swap to restore your armour. No cells, batteries or phoenix kits allowed.


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