Unlocking Fuse's 4K BADGE! (Apex Legends)

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38 thoughts on “Unlocking Fuse's 4K BADGE! (Apex Legends)”

  1. Sorry, but I think you're logic is flawed when it comes to team mates/pubs/ranked.
    Ranked is so broken, we constantly see preds/former preds in lower rank levels who purposely tank themselves to kill feed for ranking. You also get the same bullshit with lobbies in pubs. People should be able to enjoy a game with people of similar skillset. The problem with your logic is that you are good, and you don't see the damage people like yourself and others do to new people or mediocre players in the game. It literally puts them off from wanting to play or get better, and as such, limits the available players to fill lobbies with creating dying or dead lobbies, which then push players to find other servers with increased ping, just to be able to have a game.
    As peoples KD and hit ratio increases, the system should automatically then put them into harder lobbies. Everyone learns at a different rate. There is so many more variables, then the ignorance better players utilise to excuse their ideas of what lobbies should be.

  2. Rachet you're right on the button with sbmm. People just want to be rewarded without putting the effort in. I'm not good at Apex but I don't want to be babied, I want to improve and the only way to do that is to go against people that are better.

  3. 7:00 I get what you’re talking about with the whole sbmm and people complaining about it but at the same time I have over 5k games played and I’ve played since this games launch (except seasons 1,2 and half of 3) but I just don’t see myself improving anymore I used to be so much better and feel so much more confident in the game but the past few season I just feel like I haven’t gotten any better

  4. There's alot of tricks, pathing, and movement I've learned from other people in pubs that I probably wouldn't have if sbm just gave me people similarly as clueless as me all the time.

  5. you are right tho im happy im in higher lobbies it helps me learn more about what I should and shouldn't do in certain situations I play against press all the time and im just constantly getting better because of it

  6. The thing about not having SBMM in pubs, is when regular players that don’t have apex as a job have way less time to get good and may never have the time get to pred lvl. So playing at that lvl is completely unrealistic, that’s why SBMM exists, it may be dogshit, but it’s the reason for its existence.

  7. I'm sorry but your take on sbmm is way off. I get your point, but you got to consider the fact that a lot of people only solo queue, and to be constantly matched with players who are around level 150 coming off a win in a shitty lobby to go against 3 stacked pred/masters teams. It doesn't do anybody any good.

  8. Crazyratchet: “If you don’t wanna be better at a video game don’t be better, but don’t complain when ppl are shitting on you”

    Me with my 3 weeks experience on apex: turns on ps4😭

  9. My kd has went up a few points every season and I'm getting a few more wins as time goes on so I'm fine with sbmm went from a 1 to a 1.2 to a 1.7 so I guess I'm learning


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