Unqualified Game Chat Ep. 13: Let's Talk about Video Game Collecting

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Here it is, the thirteenth episode of Unqualified Game Chat! This is where two friends, Azario and Spencer, talk about the games they’re playing and the most requested gaming news.

This week, the two talk about the NieR series and about what kinds of games they collect.

Games talked about this week:

NieR (series,)
Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris

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10 thoughts on “Unqualified Game Chat Ep. 13: Let's Talk about Video Game Collecting”

  1. 20:19 same, I blocked and unfollow a lot of people with the "rise" of that filthy things.
    Topic for a next episode, maybe some of these:
    Franchises that need to return (outside of the Nintendo's first party) / unfinished games / real time vs turn based battle system / dub games vs sub games

  2. Did both of you get haircuts? Looks nice. suggested topics that may have relevance to the industry: NFTs, vtubing (I had this written before you mentioned it in 20min mark), gacha games (addiction stories), rise of scalping (which I guess you talked about at end of video), hiding/explaining power levels to normies and/or gatekeeping, trading card games, figurines/figmas. Some outside topics probably would be okay: favorite restaurant/foods, school/work experience, money/budgeting, traveling, etc.

    I very like my Castlevania DS games in my collection right now. Recently found an active discord where people talk about game collecting, and now I spend a lot of time there

  3. Would you guys mind discussing the politics of the Philippines on the show?

    Drakengard 3 was a joy to get all the endings for, I think 2 (non-Taro) only had two endings?
    Drakengard 1 though… Yoko Taro really needs to be held back sometimes so that he does not pull a George Lucas.

    Collect every ending and weapon before getting Ending D, some weapons were so esoteric that I have no clue how they were even found originally.
    IIRC, to get one weapon Caim has to walk a very certain route throughout the entire level before waiting in a room for almost a half hour — just, what?
    (that secret level was a real mindXXXX though, so hard and so sooo good, will have to finally beat it in the INEVITABLE REMASTER!)


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