Valheim LOCAL Server | How to setup Dedicated Server @Vedui42

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Valheim is new great co op game, but since it’s best played with friends, you need a server!

This video covers how to setup a local dedicated server for Valheim, so you can play with your friends without having to be logged into the game all the time!

It uses steam, and is quite straight forward.
I also cover how to configure it, and mention port forwarding and firewall opening.
Wonder where the save games are stored? Check towards the end!

If you still need a hosted server for the game, it can save you electricity and trouble having it on your local PC. I’ve made a video of how to do this easily :

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29 thoughts on “Valheim LOCAL Server | How to setup Dedicated Server @Vedui42”

  1. I simply can't find my server.

    I want to host it on my laptop. My friend and me on another pc would join then. The server simply doesn't show up in the ingame browser. Ports are forwarded in the router. Ports are forwarded in the firewall.

    I checked everything many times. No clue what's wrong.

    If i check it on Steam (View-Servers-…) i'm able to see that the server is running.

  2. Friends! This should cover a LOCAL dedicated install. I do have a HOSTED video up too, for those who can't keep their server running 24/7. There seems to be a bunch of challenges in getting the server to show up, I'll make another video on some common troubleshooting tips of how to connect to the server or find it, if you have issues. Stay tuned and thanks for your support! Don't forget to LIKE the video if you find it useful, helps Youtube place it better in search results! And it's free! 🙂

  3. Hello @Vedui42, I was able to do all these steps and done fowarding to 2456-2458. I also connect through my server through Steam -> Servers -> Connect -> It opens Valheim. I can play the game too on my server. However, my friends cannot join my server. It shows on Steam servers, but in their end it shows "Server not responding". I send them my EXTERNAL IP:2457.
    My server port is 2456, so I told them to connect thru 2457.

  4. if I am doing this on a spare PC, do I need 2 steam accounts and 2 game licenses? or with one steam acc and one game, I can run the server on a spare PC and play it on my main PC at the same time?

  5. Got a issue , i followed and done everything as shown in the video , ports are forwarded both in router and in firewall . But my friends can't join my server , i know about the problem in-game browser , so we tried with the steam server browser but they get a message The Server is not responding, even if they try to join via steam friends , though i can see it myself and i can connect to it without any problems . Can anyone help ?

  6. I am having an issue where I cannot find the server on the list. I have tried adding the server through the steam favorites and accessing it like that, but to no avail. It will say that the server is not currently running on any game, and I cannot join; nothing happens. Has anyone else run into this problem and found a fix? What am I doing wrong here?

    Edit: I found the fix was to just continue refreshing the server list until it showed up.

  7. Wow short and easy video to understand ! thanks. I played with my friends, but I had to give them my IP, they couldn't see my server on their list.. Do you know why?
    I have an extra question. When I want to restart my server, do I use the BAT file (active) or I launch the icon "Valheim Dedicated Server" from desktop ?
    thanks again

  8. If i only have 1 steam account can I set up a dedicated server on 2 different PCs? Because every time I run a server on my 2nd PC, and run the game on my main PC, steam will automatically shut the server off.


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