Valorant Tips And Tricks Sent By You – Part 10

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Another valorant tricks video! In this video I show tips and tricks that my viewers sent to me. These tricks will be with all agents and maps in Valorant. For more valorant tips and tricks, check out my channel!



40 thoughts on “Valorant Tips And Tricks Sent By You – Part 10”

  1. Hey mrlowlwander! I have a tip but i dont have discord nor twitter so im going to tell you here, this works for any agent with a molly, when going through a portal aim the molly at the very top of portal or the very bottom, that'll clear where people usually camp, behind you, and if you have a flash use that because they can move away from the molly, i reccomend phoenix for this

  2. I think my friend legit discovered that omen tp spike grab trick mid match. It was the first time anyone in the lobby seen it and after a week, I've seen everyone doing it or talking about it. We seriously didn't think it'd work and he won the round because of it.

  3. I am a sage/viper main the teleporter trick works with them too. I use it all the time. if you throw in a viper molly (snakebite) or a sage sloworb the doors will open and you jump in directly after and kill them easy. the molly/orb will land in the doorway to hookah so it can be in your own way if you need to push in through hookah.


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