When DIAMONDS Look Like IRONS – Valorant

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42 thoughts on “When DIAMONDS Look Like IRONS – Valorant”

  1. i have only one question. Why on earth my jump one-click shot NEVER hit anyone eventhough i fucking see my aim was on target. But all pros hit those shots with 100% accuracy. HOW?

  2. Me: Reloads after 1 bullet, destroys turrets and gets onetapped, dies to classics
    n0ted: doesnt reload after using all his bullets, ignores turrets, and ults on hunter's fury to save himself

  3. I miss the vids or streams without the super flashy skins like oni or singularity…
    Edit: forgot to say, but it now makes sense why he swapped his vandal skin. the hot bling buddy and avalanche vandal just doesnt work lol


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