When League of Legends Ruins Your Life

Based on a true story…?

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45 thoughts on “When League of Legends Ruins Your Life”

  1. I'm so glad I found this channel. This video made me laugh a lot, which is quite rare for league content nowadays. Thanks for that! The language is quite strong, but it's relatable as all hell. League just makes you that toxic.
    Also, I really hope this isn't based on your actual life..

  2. Omg I am so thanking my friend for linking me this in discord. This is just hilarious…. I love how your beard looks great even with the wig. I wish my bf could get one like that 😛

  3. Man, the trash talking your team really gets me. That's one thing that irks me most about league. If you were good you would climb. Yea I get that your team mates suck, I get that you have quitters and junglers that don't gank and other dumbasses, but guess what? so do the rest of us. You're not at a disadvantage for having shit team mates. We all have that same disadvantage; it evens out.


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