Xbox E3 2021 predictions

In today’s video, “Xbox E3 2021 predictions” I will tell you all my guesses about what Xbox will, and will not show at E3 2021, and why, links at the bottom!

My first prediction is that we are going to see some gameplay from Hellblade 2! The game has supposedly been in development for quite some time at this point, since it was initially announced back in 2019 at the Game Awards alongside the Xbox Series X, and actually, the game was used as an in-engine demo to showcase the power of the new generation, so I think it’s quite time for it to at least be showing us a gameplay trailer.

A game that instead I don’t think will be shown sadly, is Fable. Since the only thing we saw last year was a pre-rendered CGI trailer, and we didn’t get any news in any form as far as I’ve seen, it’s quite safe to assume that Fable was still in early development when it got announced, and it may take another couple of years to complete the title.

I am almost certain that E3 2021 will finally be the time in which Everwild will release a gameplay trailer, or gameplay demo to let us see what really is the game about. This Xbox title was already shown running in-engine a couple of times and nobody really can guess what we’ll actually be doing while playing it, so not only I think it’ll show gameplay, but also set a release date.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is already out on PC, and it’s already set to release on Xbox this summer, so I’m sure it will have its own launch trailer and set a release date.

Another game that it’s quite too early in development to be shown at E3 2021 is most likely Perfect Dark, just as for Fable, we’ve only seen a CGI trailer, further more, it also was quite recent since it was released in December 2020.

We all know that the game that Xbox must, and will show at E3 2021 is Halo Infinite. I think the game will be covered quite extensively, and that is because Halo Infinite is both the closest and biggest Xbox release simultaneously, so you’re pretty sure we’ll be getting at the very least one video trailer, and its release date!

A game that I am pretty interested about which I predict will be shown is Warhammer 40000 Dark Tide. My prediction is that will be shown some raw gameplay, with user interface and everything and that we’ll also be getting a release date! I legit always wanted a modern Warhammer first person shooter, and since they already shown a gameplay trailer, in which they set the release window to 2021 it’s safe to assume that the game will be at E3.

Indiana Jones will not be at E3 2021, the reason is of course the same of Fable and Perfect Dark, CGI trailer, no release window and early development.

Stalker 2 was shown at last year’s Xbox Game Showcase, with a pre-rendered in-engine cinematic trailer, and quite recently, the developers have released an incredible update about the game, showcasing 3D models of detail unparalleled, and confirming that Stalker 2 will release a gameplay trailer this year! And what better time for it to be released than E3 2021?

Another game that I don’t think will be shown is the new Forza Motorsport. Although its trailer was in-engine, it was also confirmed that the game was in early development, and one year in game development is a very short amount of time!

Age of Empires 4 is set to release in Autumn 2021, this means my prediction is a launch trailer with set release date for Game Pass on PC!

Crossfire X was initially set to release in 2020, but it got delayed, so my prediction is that this Xbox game will be at E3 2021 and will most likely have a raw gameplay demo and a set release date.

For my “games not present” list I still have one more guess, which is Avowed. The reason for that is the same of most of the games which will not be at the show, too much in early development!

I am pretty sure that Fall Guys will have a launch trailer on the Xbox E3 2021 show, since it will launch this summer on the platform. The game already had exposure at the latest Nintendo Direct, but I think the devs want to make sure that it’s well known Fall Guys will also launch on Xbox!

For my second Bethesda prediction, I think they will show Starfield or the Elder Scrolls 6, not both for sure, but honestly I am more leaning towards Starfield, since all the rumors point to a 2021 release date.

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