Among Us Crewmates Stamper Figures & Plush Hangers from Toikido! Review

Dan at Squirrel Stampede checks out official Among Us Crewmates items from Toikido. Items featured, Target Stores large 5″ scaled Crewmates Stampers with interchangeable hats, Smaller 2″ Crewmate Stampers, and Walmart Exclusive Crewmates Plush Hangers. All items purchased by Squirrel Stampede, Fall 2021, a fan of Among Us!

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26 thoughts on “Among Us Crewmates Stamper Figures & Plush Hangers from Toikido! Review”

  1. The amoung us brown with purple mask isn't a purple crwwmates skin its a reference to a hat in game witch is a reference to a henry stickm8n scene being frome another game by same company and rhe stamp is the same hat not a beard and goggles also the steampunk penguin is more closely looks like a plauge docter especially sense its available on Halloween


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