Apex just Got HIT Hard.. can't believe it's happening

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Apex just Got HIT Hard.. (He’s Leaving)

JMeyels Here,
Apex Dev Jason McCord has left Respawn. Pro Scene looks like middle school cringe fights on twitter, but the beef is real! Also the new event and heirloom was revealed in the trailer but where are the LTMs we were promised?

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0:00 Introduction (Rundown)
2:32 How Is this happening (pros crazy argument)
7:05 Trailer Highlights of Christmas Event and LTM
8:46 Ranked Server Update Change
9:53 Gold Nuggets

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42 thoughts on “Apex just Got HIT Hard.. can't believe it's happening”

  1. tbh A lot of these pro players don’t act “professional” at all. I don’t know how their ad partners are fine with paying someone that constantly curses on streams and just have crappy attitudes. You’d never see an NBA player cursing while doing ad promos etc. Most of them have shitty attitudes and are cry babies and are so unprofessional.

  2. Apex has been dying for almost two seasons. The content is not original just recycled events and re colored skins. The new map is great but not nearly enough to make it interesting for players who have been with apex for a while. Still gameplay issues, hackers and un even squad matches. Lvl 500 in a squad with lvl 12 and lvl 150?? Why? In a game where teamwork is key playing with randoms almost always leaves you playing solo due to bad plays and no communication by “teammates” . It’s officially dead and next season I see a lot of player drop off.☠️🤷🏽‍♂️ would be more upset but respawn brought this on themselves.✌🏽Apex Legends

  3. I said this a long time ago. Respawn should leave ea like bungie left activision. Ea is just ruining the game with greed. Its obvious why they are leaving. Ea is literally controlling everything.

  4. Apex pro scene is literally the worst in esports. Its such a shit show with people acting like 15 years old teenage girls tbh…they should be ashamed of how they act.

  5. they are middle schoolers. hal is a pos.. you have a bunch of young young guys making money they would never had made but didnt mature. What is Hal like 22? LOL What would he be doing now if he didnt have apex? Rogue didnt even have a job until he started streaming and laughed at it and what is he, 25? Spoiled kids.


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