Apex Legends Season 7: Exclusive Dev Interview Behind the Scenes

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Apex Legends Season 7 was the biggest season update yet. Here is an exclusive interview with Respawn devs including Chad Grenier (Game Director), Erik Kraber (Audio Director), and Moy Parra (Principal Animator) about what it was like behind the scenes working from home to bring Apex Legends season 7 to life.

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31 thoughts on “Apex Legends Season 7: Exclusive Dev Interview Behind the Scenes”

  1. Dear Respawn.. I want to say thank you for making such an amazing game and I got loads of respect for the way you continue to improve this beautiful game. I play apex from day 1 and I play it every single day since. I've spend more money on it then any other game that I've played.
    Simple because I love the game so much and also because I want to support you guys on developing this game further and further. I will continue to support this game until the very end. Thank you for creating this beautiful masterpiece Respawn. Thank you From the Netherlands!


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