Apex's NEW Gun and NEW Legend Revealed for Season 11! – Apex Legends

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35 thoughts on “Apex's NEW Gun and NEW Legend Revealed for Season 11! – Apex Legends”

  1. Hey rich! Religious watcher for some years now and can’t think of anyone I enjoy watching more, also wanted to say that you inspired me to give streaming a go so I made a twitch today! Marleybblazzin if you’d like to check it out and maybe one day be lucky enough to have you on it!

  2. 5:12

    As they retreated to your Warnings of your Power, called Teamwork, you then went on a hunt, walked up, opened the front door then was like
    "ok . . yeah yeah, come inside . . didnt know was hiding in the Shadows. " You my friend should be put in the Care Package! That line was classic but LEGENDARY delivery of Humor and Awesomeness GG👌

  3. if they dont know how to fix season 10s issues then im guessing season 11 will be crap i cant play any more over 200 games of me looking at the squad loading screen then getting an abandon penalty its a joke my kdr is now 0.04 it was 0.89 at the eginning f this season thats with me not firing a weapon till im in plat now i cant get above gold 4. the game sucks theres no point playing

  4. I just started playing but I have never thought about running the flatline and r301 together. I like running the flatline with a charge rifle or the 301 with a r99 or shotgun. I got my fist apex predator badge last night with a flat line and a charge rifle but I dont understand why you wud carry two guns that fill the same role. I feel like I can always do more damage with a sniper against anyone who is more than 50 to 75 meters away where with the a automatic weapon i feel like im going to miss more shots than i hit.


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