Doomsday Remake – Mistful Crimson Morning

This is my Remake at Doomsday, an amazing song that wasn’t good executed.
Still I like a lot this track, it’s very cool and amazing on it own ways, so I went and give it my own sparkle to it.

Remember that this isn’t official, this is just a Remake I did for the purpose of it being fun. You can use it for mods, blah blah blah.

Video and thumbnail made by: @NaxoAtWork (ily man you’re amazing)

My twitter: GoddessAwe

Doomsday fnf
Mcm fnf
Mcm squidward
Mcm creepypasta
Fnf song
Fnf mod
Squidward kills himself lmfao


35 thoughts on “Doomsday Remake – Mistful Crimson Morning”

  1. the clarinet part is a good touch and the exact meaning why is he so destroyed when he is being booed, And the little parts remastered expressing more feelings chef kiss the cherry on the cake. Absolutely majestic.


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