HUGE PS5 News! MIND-BLOWING Never Before Seen Tech REVEALED! Machine Learning Ziva Real Time

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HUGE PS5 News! MIND-BLOWING Never Before Seen Tech REVEALED! Machine Learning Ziva Real Time. Plus The PlayStation Plus Games for April 2021 have been revealed, and PS Store Spring Sale Goes Live with 500 PS5, PS4 Deals. All this and much more in today’s edition of TSPNR!

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31 thoughts on “HUGE PS5 News! MIND-BLOWING Never Before Seen Tech REVEALED! Machine Learning Ziva Real Time”

  1. Definitely looking forward to Oddworld Soulstorm. Was going to buy it anyhow. It's a 50 buck new release. So sick of gamepass getting all the positive press. Sony has given away 12 free awesome games, 13 with Astro's playroom just for being a playstation owner. Ps Plus has been killing games with gold with games like Control U E and FF7 Remake. In addition they are giving day and date new releases like Oddworld, Destruction All-Stars, Bugsnax, and Maquette. On top of that you have the 20 classic game collection for Ps5 owners. Finally Ps Now rocks with 1,000 games, 330 of which you can download. For 120 a month you get Ps Plus and Ps Now which equals at least 58 games to keep each year. Plus 1,000 games to rent for the same as gamepass. Without being a destructive force in the industry by lowering the perceived value of games in the eyes of it's customers by giving away most new releases day and date. Sony is killing it.

  2. If you haven’t tried dreams please please please pick it up for 12.99. I love to go into dreams and be amazed at what people can create. Even though there is no Ps5 version it does run and look so much better on ps5

  3. If you think software based ML is "MIND BLOWING" and "NEVER BEFORE SEEN", then you must think the world of the DEDICATED hardware that the Series X and S have on their SoC for ML (and much more)! Bruh, you stay cappin for clicks with these sus asss titles…🤦🏻💯🤣

  4. Yeah my god mine blow wow who cares when the people that can't get a ps5 now and they are available in the next 5 years or so it will be to late to care so fuck you Sony straight to hell

  5. I finally decided to pick-up Dreams today and surprise, it was discounted. Also… Ni No Kuni 2 is only $9 USD I think, so if you missed that one, it's a great game to grab.

  6. It's software based machine learning. You got roasted on Twitter lmfao. Basically the ps5 is going to weaken itself to dedicate resources towards machine learning. That's why people call the ps5 rdna 1.5 because it half asses everything

  7. Hmm I brought up a significant point and I'm glad it took off in the community. I always said that MsFT changed the most powerful console talk to the most powerful xbox. They loved to scream most powerful console every chance they got with the one X. They always let you know that it would play best and look best on the worlds most powerful console xbox 1X. Now they are Cerny silent with SX and changed the description to the most powerful xbox. Even they figured out Cerny was right….,"its DANGEROUS to rely on Teraflops as unit of measure of a systems performance" I think these prophetic words are going to haunt xbox fans and the xbox team.

  8. I love ps5 but nobody talks about how uncomfortable and cheap feeling the Dualsense is I would give up it's new features for comfort. Not knocking Sony but if they don't see us talking about it they won't fix it like the ps4 fan and super slow DL speeds.

  9. Excited for the new abe game. Always inventive and full of atmosphere it will be a game blessedly different from other current offerings, and therefore dead interesting.


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