HUGE UPDATE: FULL Upcoming Patch 12.7 Changes – League of Legends

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0:00​​​ Intro
0:43 Winter’s Approach/Fimbulwinter
1:04 Moonstone Renewer
1:30 Galeforce
1:47 Time Warp Tonic
2:02 Umbral Glaive
2:22 Abyssal Mask
2:39 Zeri
3:32 Ryze
3:50 QOTD
4:04 Lee Sin
4:21 Jayce
4:47 Gwen
5:16 Pantheon
5:52 Yasuo
6:16 Yone
6:29 Wukong
6:54 Neeko
7:10 Gangplank
7:31 Kalista
7:57 Lillia
8:16 Karthus
8:41 Rengar
9:05 Conclusion
9:23 Outro

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46 thoughts on “HUGE UPDATE: FULL Upcoming Patch 12.7 Changes – League of Legends”

  1. QOTD Practically all of them. With the exception of Warwick fiddlesticks xerath katarina corki gangplank and malzahar i hate every single rework. Id say nidalee too but zoe exist so i cant. Karma sejuani sion yorick urgot swain chogath kogmaw (revert) heimerdinger evelynn rammus gragas cassiopea irelia akali fiora graves galio maokai talon taric poppy aurelion sol ryze ryze ryze ryze ryze and ofc aatrox all shit.
    I don't know what it is about the rework team but they make every single fucking champion they touch either so much of a pain to play aginst its not even fun or they systematically strip all the fun from the champion. Theres a reason why when mains get their champ reworked they tend to quit.
    And yes why are the buffing the windshitters and not nerfing riven.

  2. … I pray this changes are enough to bring Yasuo back… But I think the perfect buff would be removing that dumb passive from the ultimate that forces Yasuo into going a stupid ADC build…

  3. The aatrox rework was not needed. They just needed to polish his kit better and not turn him into a reskin of riven because it made him loose his original vibe. He is only unkillable now because he turned into a dashy annoyance like riven. Also, riot really needs to quit balancing for pro play and look at the characters themselves and make base stats that actually fit the champs. Along with flash needing to get buffed to where it drops any attacks that come towards you during the mini teleport because you are "flashing" in and out of existence into a new spot and tenacity needs a solid rework. The more time you spend cc'ed in a game, the less effective cc should be. It should reward smart use of cc instead of chain spamming cc to get results and that would make team comps a bit more "we have two hard cc champs, we can't do more or we will lose out on how effect it is". Of course, riot is making the game more bursty and trying to end games faster which has ruined the old feeling of the game completely where it was a long drawn out game where your choices didn't have much effect and you really got to enjoy a properly fought battle for victory. Now it's just stomp or get stomped.

    and don't forget hitboxes are still far too broken and probably won't ever get fixed.

  4. Riot : Whats should we nerf ??
    Member: Mages, Assasins and especially tanks too op
    Riot: Ok, Lets nerf supports and Adc's more

    Seriously I'm not a fan of this game anymore bottom has long been dead throughout the last few seasons and it keeps getting worse and worse,
    Please buff Yasuo and Yone more cause they need it tho *Sarcasm
    I rly think some of the balance team are not even thinking.

  5. Karthus clear his whole jungle at 3 minute
    Faster then any champion
    And they buff his clear
    I hate to play against this champion man
    Worst design
    Dying with him is most of the time is a reward they dont even take flash cuz they wanna die
    Worst designed ultimate
    He need rework imo

  6. I always check hoping i find a nasus buff, and everytime i do i find a rengar buff or rework 😂

    I seriously don't get why does one champ get buffed 90 times when he is not even bad while another id untouched when he is extremely bad


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