Outriders: What You Should Know Before You Play

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There are quite a few differences between the Outriders Demo and what we get at release, today I’ll be covering everything you should know about the final version of the game. Thanks to Conqueror’s Blade for sponsoring this video http://neva.ly/CBS7_ForceGaming Check it out here!

The Outriders Demo vs Full Game – 0:00
40 Hour Story Campaign – 4:05
The Endgame ‘Expeditions’ – 5:23
Endgame ‘Challenge Tiers’ – 6:41
Build Customization – 8:47
Crafting System – 11:13
Mods, Mods, Mods – 11:41
Bug Fixes, Balance, and More – 14:01
Launch and Gamepass Info – 15:09
Will This Game Be Any Good? – 17:02

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Outriders is an upcoming third person RPG Looter Shooter that’s gotten a lot of early comparisons to titles like Destiny, Division, Warframe or Remnant From The Ashes.

The game features 4 classes with unique skills, passives, and playstyles. Plenty of gear to collect as you chase certain stats, traits, and rarities. A wide variety of locations to explore, monsters and bosses to fight. Scaling difficulty progression via world tier system. Character customization. And a fully voiced story campaign.


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20 thoughts on “Outriders: What You Should Know Before You Play”

  1. It's just not worth the price. Maps are made for ants (super small), and pretty boring. It's basically a bunch of cover in a hallway or in a small open field.

  2. I didn't listen to what anyone said about the game, I just went and tried the demo and it had me sold. Right off the bat the mods for the skills and the passives had me going "yeah, this is the shit I like". The fights are fun, the abilities do a lot since you only have three of them (and it's not lame ass green or red flavor of melee or grenades that Destiny 2 has), there's a lot of customization for a game that focuses on firearms and they have a freaking engineer as a class. And despite what people keep saying about the story, I actually enjoy the premise, as cheesy as it might be. The terrible jokes hit at the right moment too.
    I would lower the price to 40$ tho, 60$ seems a bit of a stretch… but if that means more content for the future, sign me up; there are no interesting games on the horizon right now so this game really is a lifeline for me.

  3. Before they try and make the game fun, they should fix that so people can actualy play it without crashing. I mean, i have allready bought it but a friend of mine are scared to buy it cause he keeps crashing. And for 59EU its not en easy decision to make if you keeps getting thrown out of the game.

  4. Sheesh I couldnt get the demo to play – crashes consistently on loading due to "Lighting.exe" even though I had disabled everything I could think of. Im not going to go thru that hassle every time either, so I hope that's resolved.

  5. 160+ hours in the Demo. I've played Warframe, Destiny 2, Division 2, BL2, and Remnants. Outriders is as good as any of them already. The full game will likely push it ahead. One solid DLC and it'll blow them all away.

  6. It's weird that they say not to use cover. I must have been doing everything wrong, because I spent about seven hours with the demo and I definitely wouldn't have gotten anywhere without cover. Get gud, I guess. RIP me.

  7. I cam here to say you 100% sold the game for me. I thought the beta was alright but after watching this I will be getting the game

    Not going to preorder as I never preorder

  8. I got a question. Do you think the future is bright for outsiders, one of my biggest dislike in destiny 2 was the latest dlc had a op subclass and if you didn't buy the add ons playing PvP can be really frustrating. With outriders being just like the loot and grind I can definitely see this happening.
    Loot games lean alot on pay to win for the most part and that turns me away from a good game

  9. Feel like this game is going to either hit later on because like me, I won’t buy this until I see full gameplay footage and can fully decide for myself if it is good or not, or it’s gunna do very well and have a lot of players dropping out quickly after. It looks weirdly limited like expeditions seem to be it?


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