The History Of The Most Troll Champion Ever In League of Legends

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This League of Legends Champion went from a complete troll pick to now in 2020 being a top tier S tier support on the tier list… how did he do it? Welcome to the complete history of Bard in League of Legends!

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When Pros Try To Learn Bard

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Patch 10.18 on the PBE on surrender at 20

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27 thoughts on “The History Of The Most Troll Champion Ever In League of Legends”

  1. Because of how much time I put into these videos they take quite a while to make… so I am sorry to keep you guys waiting. However, to stay updated with me and to reach out to me the best way to do that is through my discord I am extremely active in there! So consider joining! Thanks 🙂

  2. Bard main here. I loved the champion from day one, I bought it on day one and he's always been my preferred pick for ranked. .. I have a rule, never use your ultimate to save people unless you're ABSOLUTELY sure you'll do it right, because most of the time you'll just end up just screwing it up. You're better using it to set up fights.
    Don't use Bard just because a pro is using him, use Bard because you love him. I'm afraid they're gonna change him because people don't use him as much and I'll lose my favorite champion.

  3. whats funny is i started maining him as a joke 3 month ago, 3 months ago i returned project warwick for snow day bard not because hes good hes fun whats annoying is he is fine now and i dont want him nerfed then i this great video thanks for helping me learn about my main

  4. Bard ult, like anivia wall, are majorly ripe-for-troll abilities. There are very few troll abilities: alistar, trundle…Most likely reason for OP champs are avoidance of this types of abilities. Actually they anti-toll by adding Pyke-like ult abilities to their kits.

  5. Ive been wanting to, for some unknown reason try out bard for some time now, about a month or two, but I couldnt cause I didnt have enough blue essence. He just seems like such a unique champ what would be really fun to play, so hopefully I can get him soon

  6. I love bard, his kit, lore, skins, and general feel have always been enjoyable for me. Plus, he feels like a support should, helping others excel and being a huge disruption to the enemy team if played right.


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