The State of Valorant Esports

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42 thoughts on “The State of Valorant Esports”

  1. Imo, more agents, but with better balance could be bad, as you said, but also good. While watching Masters Berlin I found myself tired of seeing Jett, Skye, Sova, Killjoy, Viper, Sage nearly exclusively. Yes, there were some KayO, Cypher, Raze, Reyna or Phoenix, but they were more like exception than a rule.
    I would really like to see more variety, when agent composition is part of a tactic, and not who is playing the same comp better.
    But it's meta balance issue, that 6 agents are great, and only half including them, is viable enough.

  2. If they really want to foster a competitive scene with this game they need to add Draft pick and maybe queuing roles like they did with League. In this way, the abilities can be designed and used as counterplay and utility as I think they intended. It also helps with the stale and effective team compositions that we see dominate a meta of blind pick. Wouldn't it be better if we could just, say: ban sage on icebox so we don't have to deal with walls if our team doesn't have one? There are so many other scenarios like this.

  3. my main issue with fortnite was, that the changes they made were way too game changing. however, i don't really see valorant changing its fundamentals for atleast the next year. and as for the multiple agents argument, i doubt as to that being the case for valorant's downfall. if anything it would keep the game fresher, newer, and more diverse. and there's a 5v5 fundamental to valorant, meaning that even if there's new agents, it can never get too much, atleast from the viewer's perspective. the peak chaos team, in my opinion, is killjioy, astra, raze, viper, and breach.
    these 5 agents combined together create the most chaos out of any other combination, and i don't see that changing anytime soon.

  4. In Asia the Lack of server is a huge issue where some region have to suffer higher pings than others, also the cultural/language differences creates tons of pain for normal ranked players

  5. To be clear, in Project A, shooting matters. You don’t kill with abilities. Abilities create tactical opportunities to take the right shot. Characters have abilities that augment their gunplay, instead of fighting directly with their abilities.

  6. Honestly, this feels a bit like a micro-cosm I don't think these recent issues should down play how decent and decently well the Berlin or Reykjavik majors did. And as for clutter, I don't think riot will let that happen as not to long ago the toned down razes abilities visually because they thought it was a bit to much cluttered

  7. It’ll get better. Riots a billion dollar company they won’t blunder that bad. I think League is much more convoluted and harder to follow in team fight scenarios and it’s thriving😂

  8. The infamous "Overwatch problem" and adding too much complexity into the game definitely turned away many viewers from OWL and I could totally see it becoming a problem for valorant but games like league can get away with it due to sheer popularity, I doubt valorant could do the same tbh

  9. The observer issue was real . Like I watched the whole last qualifiers game and barely saw any kills. The observer somehow managed to skip all the kills and switch exaclty when the fight ends it was kinda infuriating . The observer probably wasnt experienced. These things need to be fixed.

  10. Riot just needs to tweak things every so often so metas don't get stale. Also riot shouldn't have a problem setting up a valorant tournament as they have been doing tournaments for ever.


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