This Apex Legends Predator Badge Will Mean Nothing… (Ranked Exploit)

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In this video we talk about the apex legends season 10 arena predator badge that isn’t anything to brag about since a ton of people lost on purpose to gain more AP in order to exploit the system and move up the ranks quicker. Ranked arenas needs some serious changes to make sure that the game mode works properly in the future.

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29 thoughts on “This Apex Legends Predator Badge Will Mean Nothing… (Ranked Exploit)”

  1. I wont say it wont matter, you first had to hit arena master whitch is 4 x harder than br one (coz br master is super fkng easy) also there is top 750 so doestnt mater the point glitch, the only one was getting more points but that means everyone had the same chances to get it and only the obe who got it faster and grinded more will be arena pred.
    Also you are only arena master so why you want to even trash talk about it, if that is so easy, get it.

    Lets say about revenant crypto octane combo and also you can say br rank doestnt mater, but for fs its top750 so it maters

  2. So I just finished my placements( I’m super new to apex) I got silver 4 and I was getting around 96-116 ap per win and lost around 16-24 and this was last night 9-26-21, I was already kinda sus about ranked lolol

  3. Today I won about 5 in a row, so gained 60ish AP. Lost one game and lost 50 points….. the AP system is still ridiculous and not good. I’m diamond 2, have not cheated the system or abused Lstar. Also don’t play a ton or I’m sure I’d be master by now. Remove the L star from arenas, would make it so much more fun.

  4. This video unfortunately doesnt apply to me . When i lose in arenas, i lose about 30 , when i win , i get 10-20 AP . Makes no sense. Win streak or no im stuck between 10-20 AP per win.

  5. I completely understand where you're coming from but not everybody wants to be on massive winstreaks to only be getting 12 AP per win. Using the exploit was the better option

  6. Losing 3 games for 100 ap doesn’t even work. I’ve lost 3 consecutive games plenty of times then won and get the same points as usual, which for me in masters is normally in the 20s, maybe 30s but not 12.

  7. Do you know what really hurts…… i have season 3 pred and arena pred as the two times i have hit pred…..but of course they have to be the least meaningful badges. The thing is i got both legit and basically completley solo queued for the season 3 pred and only duo queued for arena pred. Another thing that makes ppl think i dashboarded and abused lstar/MMR system is that im only 12 yrs old. Literally the only time ppl will think im legit is if i put on my 4k 20b and wraith kills (which is 18k) or i 1v1 them and usually destroy them. Imma try for pred in BR for the second split so im not always getting called a fake pred but it really hurts getting called a fake pred or booster.


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