UPDATED Patch 12.8 Tier List: Meta Shifts + Hotfixes – League of Legends

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0:00​​​ Intro
0:17 Top Lane – Tier List
3:40 Jungle – Tier List
6:16 Mid Lane – Tier List
7:35 Bot Lane – Tier List
9:06 Support – Tier List
10:24 Conclusion
10:40 Outro

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44 thoughts on “UPDATED Patch 12.8 Tier List: Meta Shifts + Hotfixes – League of Legends”

  1. Pro guides quality has significantly fallen since last year. Their champ tier list is so long and having too many champs in op tier means they aren't really op. For example, supports like alistar and Leona are always viable great supports yet he has them on B tier. Stats and win rates aren't the whole story.

  2. Can you go into more detail on Wukong Jungle? I only started playing him this year but I play him a lot. He has lower hp and insignificant damage on his spells, so he feels super weak in the early. He has a lot of outplay potential and scales well but in a straight trade I feel like he loses to most jungles, not wins. With the exception of level 2 invades and well timed invades, even with leads he gets out-trade by most match ups. What situations and runes do you use to have a strong early? Because I never see this, he always needs to snowball off of picks in games I see or play him in (I see it in top too, other plays tend to struggle then outscale – I see him often conceding fights early)

  3. Lycian in the OP tier for bot lane but you guys also state frequently in videos that Lucian is a bad pick who struggles outside of lane in the mid to late game due to having to put himself in close quarters

    Make your minds up

  4. ok how on earth is jinx at c tier? She lost 50 health in the early game and thats enoguh to make her one of the best champs in the game to one of the worst? Don't belive that for one second.

  5. As a gnar main I find he’s criminally underrated he’s just extremely difficult to play correctly. I wish they’d change the top lane mythics a little tho. More everfrost like items would be really cool it could add a little more skill expression instead of oh I have sunderer I go bonk now. Just my opinion tho I’m sure balancing that in pro play would be quite hard.

  6. First of all, as a top laner, I can definitely say that garen, shen, fiora are not OP. How are u putting garen in OP but not darius??!? They are basically the same champ but darius is just stronger. OP means that it is safe to blind pick and can go at least 50/50 in laning phase. If you first pick shen or any of those top lane “OP champs”, i bet i can beat you with literally teemo. Lmao. All those champs will just get kited hard. You know proguides has no idea what they are talking about when they put shen as being “OP”.

  7. how is sion toxic for the game, more people should be trying interesting strategies, or would you rather the game stays the same for 20 years and then dies


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